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Icicle Station Shuttle Services

We provide shuttle services to and from Amtrack's Icicle Station to all local Hotels, Cabins, Airbnbs and B&B.

The fare is $11 per person each way.  We have numerous passengers during the holiday seasons and having our drivers process credit cards can be very time consuming.  In order to make your travel experience better, we ask that you have cash available for day of service. Thank you.  We accept debit/cc cards when you are not able to pay by cash.  Payments can be made directly to your driver.  We do provide service out of the immediate city area of Leavenworth, WA.  Please note that pricing will vary based on location. 

Your Reservation can be placed by calling 509-548-7433 or using our online form below.  To better service you, please contact us the day before when possible.  For groups larger than 6 please call ahead to schedule a reservation.

Service to Leavenworth via Amtrack is on the Empire Builder route which comes through Leavenworth Eastbound from Seattle at 8:17 PM and Westbound toward Seattle at 7:18 AM.  


7:18 AM * AM Train

Pick Ups Begin:

6:45 AM to 7:00 AM (Spring, Summer, & Fall) 

6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (Winter)

Pickups start at the west end of town and move towards the train station at the northwest end of town.

*If you are arriving from the East on the 7:23 AM Train, please book in advance.  Thank you.

8:17 PM * PM Train

For arrivals, we are always at the station waiting for you! If the train is late and we are not at the station, please call 509-548-7433 and we will be there to picked up.

* If you are departing on the 8:17 PM Train heading East, please book in advance.  Thank you!

To book a trip by train, contact Amtrak at or 1-800-872-7245. The train is not known for its timely arrivals, so be sure to have some flexibility in your schedule if you plan on taking it. 

Book Today!

Last Minute Bookings will need to call 509-548-7433.  Thank you!  We look forward to serving you!
Arriving To Icicle Station
Departing Icicle Station

We will connect with you either by phone or email to confirm your booking.  Thank you for your booking!

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